Renting hot-line


Renting hot-line

Mobile medical car rental service program

We will try our best to provide the most effective rental solution to meet your specific needs and provide the best service within your control.

◆ To solve the problem of physical examination restrictions   

◆ Equipped with professional advanced testing equipment     

◆ Meet the needs of different application scenarios

Car rental rights

Golden Apple Health Express rental advantage

Rest assured to rent! Golden Apple Health Express rental platform belongs to Bangsheng Medical Co., LTD. All vehicles strictly comply with national standards and 256 test procedures before delivery to ensure that every vehicle you use is in the best condition.

Price transparency  High cost performance  No additional charge

Easier then              The country can reach    A key about cars

Perfect after-sales service

During the lease period, if the equipment breaks down, you should contact our staff in time, and we will provide free after-sales service to ensure the normal use of your vehicle. In case of any failure (non-man-made) during the rental period, our company promises to respond within one hour and arrive at the site for maintenance within 24 hours. During the lease period, if a major failure cannot be repaired within 2 working days, our company will provide a spare car, and arrange the driver to send the spare car to the site, and delay the time of using the car for you.

Rental process

Small program appointment - telephone channel delivery - signing a contract to send a car/self

You can place an order and make an appointment in the "Golden Apple Health Express" mini program.

Then our staff will contact you in a timely manner. After telephone communication, our company will issue a contract and relevant cost quotation.
After paying the reservation deposit, we will mail the contract to you. After signing the contract and paying the rent, the deposit will be deducted from the rent or converted to the vehicle deposit.
After the end of the car, if you choose to send the car (round trip), our staff will take back the car by themselves, if you choose to pick up (round trip), you need to send the car to the designated place to return.

Car rental fee

Calculation method of car rental fee:

Total rental fee = Unit price of rental car X rental time
Short rent: Short rent shall be settled by day. 24 hours shall be taken as one day, and less than 24 hours shall be taken as one day
Long term lease: The long term lease shall meet the requirements of more than 30 days. If the term is less than 30 days, the final settlement price shall be subject to the contract.


About the cost of car delivery (round trip) :

If you choose our service when renting a car, you will have to pay the driver's fee and other related fees such as fuel and tolls.


About the deposit:

You reserve a vehicle within the small program, we communicate with you after the down payment, the deposit is used for locking of the vehicle lease, you can make an appointment time intervals after you sign a contract with our company payment, the deposit will be refunded or used in the vehicles during the use of the deposit, after the forward to your car, our company personnel inspection vehicles without man-made fault or whether there are illegal, The deposit will be refunded to your account within 1-3 working days.


About driver fees:

Our company is equipped with professional field drivers can accompany the car service, the driver out by the day, the specific cost according to the contract and regional charges, in addition to the driver out of the cost do not have to bear the driver accommodation and other related costs, accommodation and other related costs are borne by our company.

Car and car return and other related issues

About the way to pick up the car:

Pick UP: You need to send a special person to pick up the car at the address designated by our company, our company will not bear the cost incurred in the process of picking up the car.
Car DELIVERY (ROUND TRIP): OUR company will send a professional driver, the cost (fuel, tolls, etc.) incurred in the process of car delivery will be borne by the customer.


On vehicle damage:

If you return the car when our staff found the car damage. You will be responsible for the costs associated with the repair of the damage (see the contract terms).


Early or late return of a vehicle:

If YOU MEET the demand of ENDING the USE of car in advance or delaying the use of car, you need to contact our staff 3 days in advance, the relevant fee will be charged according to the time of the use of car. If we do not notify us in advance, we will pay additional fees (according to the contract terms).


About vehicle traffic accidents and accidents:

If you (sent by the driver) in the car accident, please contact us in time, we will have professional service personnel to cooperate with the whole process. The maintenance cost caused by the accident shall be borne by you (the specific contract shall prevail). If you fail to notify our staff, you will be responsible for all the losses caused.