Training to learn

Bangsheng attaches great importance to the cultivation and reserve of talents, through systematic training, to promote the common growth and development of employees and the company. For excellent talents, the company will also provide opportunities for exchange and training abroad. We always believe that every studious and well-trained person is the most valuable asset of Bangsheng.

Career advancement

Double channel promotion mechanism to broaden the space of career development. By encouraging expertise, experts can reap the same rewards of career growth and value as managers.


After the official entry of employees, participate in pension, medical, maternity, unemployment, work-related injury social insurance. The company will provide housing provident fund for Chinese employees after they enter the company.

Amateur life

According to the needs of employees, various departments organize colorful activities and competitions, such as ball games, chess games, photography, tourism, etc., in order to cultivate employees to work hard, be positive, love life, protect the environment, and maintain a fun working culture.