Mobile medical

Meet the routine physical examination, occupational disease examination, ear, nose and throat examination, gynecological examination, treatment, emergency medical rescue and other functions.
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Medical imaging

It covers the field of radiology diagnosis, including: basic radiology diagnostic X-ray machine, high frequency digital radiology system, mobile X-ray machine, digital mammography equipment, etc.
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Professional development and production of medical imaging products of high - tech enterprises. As a professional manufacturer of medical equipment, ORICH always pays attention to the health industry, adheres to the integration of optimization process and leading technology, and builds the ORICH brand with safe and stable quality to promote human health.

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ORICH moves the CT vehicle and walks into Lop Nur.

Lop Nur and Loulan, the ancient country that prospers because of it, have attracted many explorers and scientists. The folklore about Lop Nur is innumerous, and it is difficult to tell true from false. In the long history, experts and scholars have been fascinated by this "forbidden area of life" and want to unravel its mysterious veil. Today, ORICH Mobile CT vehicle will also embark on a journey to explore Lop Nur with a healthy mission.
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See how these vehicles protect the Chinese ice athletes "armed to the teeth"?

ORICH Medical mobile medical physical examination vehicle is equipped with digital DR radiography system, color Doppler ultrasound examination instrument, electrical audiometry room, electrocardiogram examination, lung function examination and other equipment, integrated outpatient emergency, blood collection examination, DR, ultrasound examination, electrocardiogram examination, lung function examination and other functions, if an athlete is injured in an accident during the competition, Access to immediate examination and professional treatment.
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