See how these vehicles protect the Chinese ice athletes "armed to the teeth"?

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the Winter Olympic Games, each competition area is equipped with professional medical support teams and multi-purpose mobile diagnosis and treatment vehicles. For example, the mobile DR Medical examination vehicle, mobile CT vehicle, mobile oral treatment vehicle and mobile surgery vehicle provided by ORICH Medical Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. are all over the competition area. It can not only realize the stagnation point, circuit testing inspection, health inspection, and able to perform simple emergency surgery, difficult complex problems, can be achieved with transit hospital, fixed-point hospital and distinguished experts and real-time communication between medical experts, the entire Shared the athletes' health records, examination results, medical record, image data, support remote consultation more, Truly realize the whole process to open up the treatment channel for athletes, build a solid training safety and athlete health defense line.

ORICH Medical mobile medical physical examination vehicle is equipped with digital DR radiography system, color Doppler ultrasound examination instrument, electrical audiometry room, electrocardiogram examination, lung function examination and other equipment, integrated outpatient emergency, blood collection examination, DR, ultrasound examination, electrocardiogram examination, lung function examination and other functions, if an athlete is injured in an accident during the competition, Access to immediate examination and professional treatment.






As a member of the medical security team for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, ORICH Medical has been making continuous breakthrough since its establishment. After 19 years of efforts, ORICH Medical has become a professional medical imaging equipment manufacturer in the world and a leading mobile medical vehicle provider in China. It has passed the FAD certification in the United States, the CE certification in the European Union and the GOST certification in Russia. Obtained the United Nations qualified supplier qualification. In the fight against COVID-19 in 2020, China provided multiple mobile CT vehicles and various medical equipment for Wuhan, donated quarantine gowns to Wuhan Central hospital and masks to Tianjin Education Commission, and made more powerful contributions to public welfare with its professional achievements.