ORICH moves the CT vehicle and walks into Lop Nur.

"Loulan and Gushi have cities and are adjacent to Yantze - from the Records of the Grand Historian · Biography of Dayuan", where Yantze refers to Lop Nur.

Lop Nur and Loulan, the ancient country that prospers because of it, have attracted many explorers and scientists. The folklore about Lop Nur is innumerous, and it is difficult to tell true from false. In the long history, experts and scholars have been fascinated by this "forbidden area of life" and want to unravel its mysterious veil. Today, ORICH Mobile CT vehicle will also embark on a journey to explore Lop Nur with a healthy mission.

Long yellow sand has covered up the bustling, sunset vicissitudes of life, her majestic and magnificent is still shaking, here once merchants, the ancient Silk Road through the place, camel bell sound not stop ringing through the desert; Here also once waving flags, drums and thunder, gold horse tread through the wilderness. Now the sea changes, leaving only the ruins in the sand silence, the ruins of the ruined city in the sand proudly independent. Today, there is almost no sign of life here, but nature has made the landscape so amazing and shocking that it's like entering another alien world. ORICH mobile CT vehicle, as if an emissary to explore life, along the Haro road, the vast Gobi Desert all the way.


Full state by mobile CT vehicle line, across desert, exceptional drought, looked around his eyes and nothing grows, its no communication signal, no strategy can rely on, is one of China's most bad natural environment, is also out of the dead zone, for the full state CT vehicles and the CT equipment is like a big test, of course, for the trip, ORICH Medical has been deeply engaged in the field of mobile physical examination vehicle for 19 years. The self-adaptive shock absorption system and internal environment management system created by ORICH  Medical make the mobile CT vehicle adapt to all levels of road conditions and environmental requirements, providing a strong guarantee for this trip.


"Landscape", all the way along the bumpy, full state mobile CT vehicle town, with its stable performance eventually to lop nur were systematically stud Ed here is the base of ROM potash deposit, lies the world's largest single potassium, potassium sulfate production enterprises - international trust &investment is full state mobile CT vehicle has done a destination, and the main work is to serve the luo potassium ore employees at all levels of medical. Lop nur hinterland by the sea, lonely death becomes a rippling, modern factory machines roar, luo potassium strength in international trust &investment employees at all levels of the "battle to fight" resilience and the spirit of "courage", it is their struggle to break the long-standing international potash giant monopoly, effectively alleviate the shortage of potash fertilizer in our country, So that Chinese farmers get real benefits, for China's potash fertilizer "supply and stable price" played a mainstay role.



Full state mobile CT vehicle, with its strong performance and high precision equipment, complete the required inspection of the worker, also for the trip to the lop nur were systematically stud Ed, draw a satisfactory full stop, full state of health will unswervingly committed to the health service of the masses, "luo potassium spirit" as the leading, keep in mind the beginner's mind the mission, the courage to bear, strive to promote the development of health service, To build a world-class mobile medical service enterprise.

Loulan is a thousand years old country, telling the changing situation of the thousand years. The enigmous Lop Nur has endless scenery to shoot and endless stories to tell. ORICH Mobile CT vehicle will also continue its journey and continue to write its own stories.