Occupational disease examination vehicle

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Mobile medical

Key words:

Occupational disease examination vehicle

Main configuration



Blood analyzer

   Lung function


Portable B-type




Biochemical analyzer

Product parameters


Basic parameters

Total length


Total width


Total height


Announcement of the seat




Power (kw)


Optional conductor

8 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters, etc

Application scenarios



At the grass-roots level


Enterprises and public institutions

Factories and mines

Image technology features

◆ Power supply solution ability

Double layer capacitance energy storage design

——power supply solution, patented, low power consumption, high efficiency, plug and play, to meet different circumstances.

◆ Lead radiation protection standard

ORICH "Zero radiation" lead protection standard

——Work with China Disease Control and Prevention to create lead protection standards for ORICH medical vehicles.

◆ Mounted DR Three-stage shock absorption frame

With automatic mechanical motion system control software

——Meet different road conditions such as plateau and mountainous areas, and protect equipment from damage under bumpy road conditions.

◆ Image processing mode

Automatic switch between health examination and occupational disease examination

——It can meet the requirements of health examination and occupational disease examination, and has the independent software copyright.

Vehicle process characteristics


Ten years of anticorrosion

——Five layers of protection system, advanced electrophoresis technology, the vehicle can reach 10-15 years without rust.

Primary air system

——Automatically sensing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the vehicle, removing suspended particles in the air, effectively reducing PM2.5, the value reaches 70%-90%.

Loading-carrying safety

——Three-stage frame technology, special chassis for medical vehicle and body closed ring structure, to ensure the force effect and safety.

Vehicle flame retardant

——vehicle cloth 105° flame retardant wire, external power supply is divided into three ways: one for interior lighting; One way is park air condition mildew conditioning; One is X-ray equipment.

Mobile health, driving the future

——Full digital mobile physical examination information platform, the interior has the advantages of mildew proof, bacteria proof, no odor, non-toxic, strong safety and so on.

——The interior structure layout conforms to the actual operating workflow and hygiene requirements, maximizing the utilization rate of interior space.

Interior drawing of the vehicle


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